About The Journal

Cenacle ISSN 2231-0592 is a UGC approved peer reviewed annual journal. It is being published since 2011. It started with 20 contributors. The editors and the editorial board have continuously striven to improve the quality and the content of the journal. The focus areas which have been taken up in the previous issues have received appreciation from different quarters. These areas provide further scope of research. Special attention has been given to the theme paper. On great demand, the 7th volume was kept as an open ended issue. The editors regularly gather inputs from contributors and readers to keep up the literary quality of the journal.


Dr Shubha R Mishra, Associate Prof & Head Dept of English, DMWPWSC, Nagpur Maharashtra

Dr Urmila Dabir, Principal & Head,  Dept of English, Rajkumar Kewalramani Kanya Mahavidyalaya, Nagpur, Maharashtra.

Dr Priya Wanjari, Principal & Head, Dept of English, Sanataji Mahavidyalya, Nagpur, Maharashtra.