Cenacle is a peer reviewed, annual National Journal of English which endeavors to promote research in Literature and language. The next issue of Cenacle: Volume I.  No, 10, which will be published in January 2020, will have as the focus area: Literature of Protest.

In moments of crisis, humans in different periods and regions turn to commonalities and express outrage resulting in literature of protest or protest literature. Prof Stauffer has defined protest literature as “text that not only criticizes and protests society but suggests, either explicitly or implicitly, a solution to society’s ills.”

Other than poetry, prose and drama films and photography can also be medium of protest. Mode and style of dissent has also changed over the centuries. According to the deconstructionists all literary writing is ultimately a form of protest.  Often Dalit, Black and feminist writings are regarded as literature of protest. The focus area can be enlarged to regional writings to world literature of any period and genre.

Contributors are requested to select areas which can become source for further research. Only original unpublished papers will be selected.

We also invite Book Reviews on recent publication ( 2019-20). The book reviews should be accompanied by the jpg format of the book reviewed. The write up should not exceed 2000 words.

Selected Poems are also published with a short bio-note of the poet.

All contributions must reach us by last week of Feb. 2020.

The research paper should not exceed 3500 words. Each paper should have an abstract of 150-200 words with 8-12 key words. This is the format of the journal.  The writers should conform to MLA style sheet 8th edition. Only softcopies will be accepted. Peers have the right to reject/modify articles.


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